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About Us

The Shakespeare Company at UCLA is the only student-run classical theater company on campus. We welcome undergraduate and graduate students experience levels! If you have a passion for theater and Shakespeare - as an actor, director, designer, or stage hand - or if you're looking to get involved for the first time, we want you to join.

SCU productions are always free, aimed at providing accessible and exciting productions to the UCLA and greater Los Angeles community. Each year, we put on three to four full-length productions and an annual cabaret-style Evening of Shakespeare. In addition, we are continually increasing our number of student-written new works each year, with productions varying from staged readings to full shows.


Shows! We put on at least one Shakespeare show per quarter. All shows are performed, designed, and directed by students. Students of all majors and backgrounds are welcome to audition and apply to direct or design! Check our Facebook page for announcements about auditions, applications, and other opportunities to get involved.

Workshops! Each quarter, we hold one to two workshops relating to Shakespeare's work and the season's productions; past topics have included stage combat, movement, and verse and speech.

Social Events! We regularly host Shakespeare-themed parties and other social events for club members. Past events include a party on Shakespeare's Birthday, a Diddy Riese night, a Masquerade Ball, season kickoff parties, and movie nights. Each spring break, the company also takes a field trip to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland, Oregon.

Board of Directors

Executive Director
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Blaire Battle is a fourth year theater major with a dual concentration in acting and playwriting. Originally a cursed marionette puppet, Blaire was tricked into running the Shakespeare Company after wishing to be a real girl. Past Shakespeare company credits include Proteus(Evening of Shakespeare), Tyrell(Richard III), Ophelia(As Just a Man), The Chorus(Goodnight Desdemona, Good Morning Juliet), and Lear's Fool(King Lear)

Voice of The Bard



Graham King is a fourth year theater major in the directing continuum. A 62 year old man suffering from Benjamin Button syndrome, King offers a unique perspective and wisdom he brings to the Classics Department at Shakespeare Company. His most recent work with Shakespeare Company was as director of the now legendary production of King Lear last fall. He has also worked as an assistant director on Michael Hackett's production of Pericles.

Master of Classics



Isabelle is a fourth year theater major. In her free time she enjoys designing elaborate quests for her friends and building pillow fort pirate ships in the living room. Her past Shakespeare credits include Lady Capulet, Lady M, and a stint as an assistant dramaturge for her community college’s production of Romeo and Juliet. She recently completed an intensive with the Prague Shakespeare summer program where she worked on Henry VI part 2.

Master of Invention



Rowan is a second year theater major. As a primordial force of nature made human only so as to better facilitate meetings, it strains under the concept of a bio. It has appeared as stage manager for the Tenessee Williams project, stage manager and lighting designer for King Lear, and at the foot of your bed when you finally think you are alone.

Master of Minutes



Jackson is a third year Biz-Econ major with a double minor in fraternities and lacrosse. Once believed to be a mythical, Krampus like creature, Wheldon has now both been confirmed to exist and joined our board as Master of Coin. You may have seen him as Cornwall in King Lear, or shaking down "donors" at our fundragers.

Master of Coins



Preston was born in Pennsylvania and still hasn’t been able to live that down. He’s a third year theater major who writes and acts and stuff. He likes D&D, books and tv, and giving just enough details to satisfy Blaire.

Master of Festivities


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Alex Blowers is a fourth year theater major with an emphasis in design. Discovered as a feral child in the woods one fateful summer evening, she quickly learned to communicate with the board through theatrical designs and instagram graphics. In the years that followed she has been an invaluable asset to the company, and only rarely bites the actors.

Master of Prints


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