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Spring Main-Stage:

The Taming of the Shrew 

William Shakespeare’s controversial comedy is an explosive battle between two hard-headed women, Katherine and Petruchio. At the behest of her friend Hortensio, Petruchio attempts to dominate the unruly Katharine and win her hand — not to mention her sizable fortune. 

This production, set amidst the Gay and Lesbian Liberation movements of the early 1990s, looks at the prejudices, hierarchies, and abuses that exist within queer communities, especially when it comes to deciding who should be in power. 

Production Team

Director: Shayna Maci Warner

Assistant Director: Phoebe Balson

Stage Manager: Sophie Cobarrubia 

Assistant Stage Manager: Sarah Jensen

Fight and Dance Choreography: Kelsey Kato

Production Manager: Stefanie Chordigian

Lighting Designer: Brian Carrera

Scenic Designers: Tiffany Rowse and Marii Yoshida

Sound Designer: Natalie Faye

Assistant Sound Designer: Varchasvi Vedula

Costume Designer: Phoebe Longhi

Assistant Costume Designer: Jared Davis

Props Master: Madeleine Hayes

Hair and Makeup: Amber Li and Patty Montgomery

SCU Board of Directors

May 19th @ 2PM and 8PM
May 20th @ 2PM
Fowler Amphitheater


Katherine - Kaiulani Kennealy 

Petruchio - Beatrice Brown 

Baptisa - Asavari Tiku 

Bianco - Jerry Ng 

Lucentio - Kyle Meneses 

Gremio - Dayne Fernandez 

Tranio - Diego Hardy

Hortensio - Elise Umetsu

Grumio - Isabelle Smith

Biondello - Noah Ashman

Vincentio - Scottie Nevil

Merchant - Cristina Delgado

Curtis/Widow - Chemil Durant

Peter/Messenger/Servant of Padua - Jasper Modha

Nathaniel/Officer/Servant of Padua - Anastacia Kellogg 

Spring Second Stage:

June 1st @ 8pm
June 2nd @ 2pm & 8pm
Macgowan Hall 1330

Production Team

Director: Kayla Erickson 

Stage Manager: Madeleine Hayes

Production Manager: Stefanie Chordigian

Costume Designer: Phoebe Longhi

Assistant Costume Designer: Jared Davis

Lighting Designer: Benedict Conran

Scenic Designer: Yi lin Zhao

Sound Designer: Jake Delgado

Assistant Sound Designer: Rhea Singh

Props Master: Hannah Boston

SCU Board of Directors  


Marie Osterman

Björn Hedqvist

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