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Curses. Revenge. Consequence. This is a story of the power struggle between grief and greed. Hungry for supremacy, Richard III plots his way to the throne leaving a trail of bodies in his wake. Suffocating under the weight of grief , the women of this play must learn to curse in order to unburden England from the pain of Richard's crimes.


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Here is the link to listen:

We encourage you to listen to the director's note before listening. 


Director: Sylvia Abrams-Wolffson

Sound Design: Tatum Anderson

Stage Manager: Annelise Rowe

Graphic Design: Natalie Couture

Producers: Mary Alex Daniels and Isabelle Smith




Carl Ballentine, Alexandra Ruiz, Violet Morris, Molly Erwin, Gil Weissman, Jake Goldfarb, Elana Hershman, Anthony Crehan, Ethan Carroll, Rudy Buttlar, Natalia Montgomery, Katherine Larson, Stephen Bush, Maurice Desmond, and Conor Battle

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An Engineer and a Technician, an Executive and a Volunteer, an Astronaut and a Monitor, an Ace; I Build Giants follows the complications and fall out of a huge new invention navigating the pulls and corruptions of capitalism, mega-corporations, politics, and ego. 

Listen Here:

Here are playlists created by the cast and crew curated for each Movement of the play: 

Movement 1:


Movement 2:


Movement 3:


Movement 4:


Movement 5:

Directed by Erin Gray

Written by Ryan Stevens

Sound designed by Jacob Menke 

Produced by Isabelle Smith

Additional music by Duncan Smith

Artistic material by Urvashi Lele

I Build Giants features the voices of

Evelyn Coffey as The Engineer

Ava Alexiades as The Technician

Rachel Stubington as The Executive

Talia Gloster as The Astronaut

Issy Gillette as The Monitor

Isa Urdiales Guzmnan as The Volunteer

Lucy Urbano as The Ace

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